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How to verify the Ansomone® rHGH

How to verify the Ansomone® GENUINE or FAKE by the anti-counterfeiting sticker sealed on each outer packet/kit.
(The standard packing originated from AnkeBio is 10 vials packed in each packet/kit sealed with an anti-counterfeiting sticker

with unique 17-digital serial number)

Step 1 :  Please find the intact sticker with ANKEBIO's logo sealed on the outer packet/kit;



Step 2 :  Do uncover the sticker gently, then you will see the

                Fresh and Clear 17-digital serial numbers

                which is sticked on the outer packet/kit TIGHTLY;


Step 3 :  The cap of our real product is marked with "FLIP OFF ", but it DOES NOT mean all caps with "FLIP OFF" are real
Step 4: See Each Size of packing the License No ;
2iu    License No: 国葯准字S19990022
4iu    License No: 国葯准字S19990021
4.5iu License No: 国葯准字S20063010
6iu    License No: 国葯准字S20093035
10iu  License No: 国葯准字S20093034
16iu  License No: 国葯准字S20093033


Step 5 :  Anit-counfeiting Center

Please directly to go Ansomone factory to Verifty Links


Anti-counterfeiting Checking
Please input the 17-digital serial numbers on the sticker sealed on outer-packet
Anti-counterfeiting Code: - - -



1.  If the cap of vial you got is with "ANSOMONE" as the 6th. picture, we confirm that it is FAKE. 
2. The cap of our real product is marked with "FLIP OFF ", but it DOES NOT mean all caps with "FLIP OFF" that is real products.

     Please click to See More How to Verify the Real or Fake


Step 6 :  See after the verify Result is Real or FAKE;





Real Result

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