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Chemical Name : Anavar (oxandrolone) Oral


Packing : 10mg/pill 60pills/packet 



Chemical Name : Primobolan Oral

 (Methenelone enanthate)


Packing : 10mg/pill 60pills/packet 


Chemical Name : Anadrol Oral ( Oxymetholone )


Packing : 50mg/pill  60pills/packet 


Chemical Name : Dianabol Oral

(Germany brand)


Packing : 10mg/tab x 100 tabs/pack



Chemical Name : Stanozolol (Winstrol ) Oral

(Germany brand)


Packing : 20mg/tab x 100 tabs/pack



Chemical Name : Provi Oral


Packing : 10mg/tab x 100 tabs/ Blts


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