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How to use the Anti-counterferiting system to identify

GenSci Jintropin™ Anti-counterfeiting System to identify your Jintropin is Real or Fake

In order to assure all the Jintropin™ users are enjoying the benefits of authentic Jintropin™ , GenSci is actively finding the solutions to verify authenticity of your Jintropin™ . Currently, you can easily identify your Jintropin™ , real or fake, by the texture anti-counterfeiting sticker on the package. The system works by matching the pictures of the fibers on your sticker with the copy of the sticker saved in our computer.Therefore just seeing the sticker alone is not enough.

Please observe the sticker carefully before you open the kit. First of all it should be intact. But it is not enough! Some fake Jintropin might have similar texture anti-counterfeiting stickers as original Jintropin™. Becareful!! The fibers are embedded in the real anti-counterfeiting sticker (you can use a needle to pick some fibers out!!!), while the counterfeit labels normally would have fiber printed instead of having the fiber embedded.


See the sticker, to see whether it is intact, and compare it with features of anti-counterfeiting system to identify your Jintropin is Real or Fake. 

Enter the sticker serial number 8695-0038-1868 into below verification form, and then press the button “QUERY”:


12 - digital serial number

The serial number sticker each box  Only have One 12-digital serial number with small squares Fiber .

Each boxes must have different serial number with different small squares Fiber , Never have same serial number with same Fiber for each boxes.



Query the serial numbers on the sticker......  If the sticker is intact, please simply read the 12-digital serial numbers on the sticker then enter them in below verification form and press the button of Query

Serial number - -  

Verification Code :   Get New code    

Please directly go to original GenSci Jintropin website : ~

Chinese Site -  http://www.gensci-china.com/index.php?m=Page&a=index&id=44

English Site  -  http://www.gensci-china.com/gensci/Verification.asp



Identify your anti-counterfeiting sticker...... 

You will access to a new page, on that page you will find an image of your package’s anti-counterfeiting sticker;

You will find the image of the anti-counterfeiting sticker;

Please compare the quantity, position and shape of the fibers in each small square on your sticker with the image showed on the webpage;

Obviously, they are the same. Then press the button "Same". A new page will show you the result of your query;

Please look your Jintropin Sticker with our Image from anti -counterfeiting sticker all " Small squares" is a same then will see that is a Real or Fake.


(Image from your Jintropin Sticker with all small squares)


(Image from anti-counterfeiting system sticker with all Small squares)



When open GenSci Jintropin under the sticker all small squares can take off the Fiber (look like a small black hair)

all small squares is Not only printing must have Fiber under the sticker



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