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GenLei® JINTROPIN Somatropin (rDNA origin) for Injection Recombinant Human Growth Hormone

4 IU (1.33mg) x 20vials = 80 IU

4iu Vails packing : Only Green Colour Lid per vials



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GenLei® JINTROPIN Somatropin (rDNA origin) for Injection Recombinant Human Growth Hormone

10 IU (3.33mg) x 20vials = 200 IU 

10iu Have Vails packing : is  Green or Yellow  Colour Lid per vials



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Brand Name/ Manufacturer
Cases of developing antibodies
Rates of developing antibodies
Nutropin™ / Genentech
0 / 446
Saizen™/ Serono
4 / 310
Humatrope™/ Eli Lilly
5 / 314
Jintropin™/ GenSci
1 / 61
Genotropin™/ Pharmacia AB
8 / 413
Hygetropin™/Zhuhai Hengtong
12 / 61
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences  
26 / 62
Ansomone™ / AnkeBio  
26 / 62
Beware of antibodies to hGH

What are antibodies?

when you inject proteins different from the natural form, it will cause antibody formation. These antibodies will start to neutralize the protein you are injecting and it is the body’s protection mechanism again foreign invasion.

How does antibodies work?

Natural hGH has 191 amino acids. Therefore, when you injecting 192 amino acid hGH, your body will form antibodies against the strange hGH and gradually stops your hGH from functioning.

Why must we be careful about using cheap low quality hGH brands?

People found that some low quality cheap brands, containing large amount of E.coli host protein contaminations (because their manufacturers did not purify enough to save cost ), also raise large amount of antibodies to the hGH. These antibodies will also gradually stop the body’s hGH from functioning. Therefore, always be careful about using cheap low quality hGH brands. Typically these low quality hGH will still function as normal hGH in the beginning, but in the long run they are bad to the human body.

TABLE: Rate of antibody formation for different brands of hGH


From the above table, we can find that the antibody formation rate for Jintropin™ is much lower than other domestic hGH brands, and it is very close to the international hGH name brands

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